Amy Hemphill Dove


I am a dyed-in-the-wool fiber artist!  Being a kinesthetic and empirical type of learner;  I am compelled to create and work with my hands!   Fibers and textiles being tactile and malleable in nature present me with so many creative possibilities!
Hand-dyed silk and wool fibers and fabrics are the basis of my artworks. This choice comes from both tactile and aesthetic considerations.

Through felting, I build my concepts into form and dimension, while creating rich textures and patterns of saturated colors. The work of making felt is demanding physically and considerable but at the same time magical and sensuous.

Silk has luminosity – it can be sheer and translucent, letting the light through. I use the reflective qualities of silk fabrics and fibers and position them so they shimmer and create highlights. I also use shibori techniques (the Japanese art of resist dyeing and texturing) folding, pleating, binding and dyeing fabrics to achieve colors, patterns, and textures in my artwork.

A key concept in my work is Wabi Sabi, the Japanese expression of the imperfection in nature that makes it beautiful.  It also conveys the impermanence of nature and the simple truths that change is the only constant, everything is in flux, and nothing is perfect.

I aspire to create lively and interactive artwork in which the interplay of light and shadows, colors and shades, movement and atmosphere, layers and textures enter into a dialog with the viewer, and change depend

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