Amy Lauer Goldin

Amy Lauer Goldin is a transplant to St Augustine from Miami Fl, where the colorful mix of cultures informed much of her previous writing. Relocating in 2014, the cultural shift to North Florida has injected new perspective and inspiration into her poetry and playwriting, much of it based on social and political satire and observation.

Amy’s particular bent is holding up a mirror to reflect the times and ourselves, although in many cases it is a fun-house mirror.

In July of 2019 her Summer Shorts Variety Show included a running sketch entitled Shrink Rap, a social satire which engendered such positive reviews that it is now being revived as a full-length play, including new scenes and additional characters. It is projected to open in early 2020.

Amy continues to be an active member of Ancient City Poets, and conducts a weekly poetry workshop at a local center for addiction and mental health treatment. Her discovery of the therapeutic nature of poetry stems from her experience working with women in the Homestead Correctional Institute, a maximum-security prison in South Florida.

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