Cole Helman

Cole Helman is a local St. Augustine musician, recording artist and audio engineer. He has performed with local acts Kapowski, Dad’s Day Off, Kelp, The Cosmic Groove, Kenny and the Jets, Ghost Tropic, Minimum Rage, Night Nurse, Sailor Jane, and The Lord, among others. The involvement of many acts has led to his work with booking many shows for out of town acts as well as local artists, and engineering live sound for venues like Sarbez, Prohibition Kitchen, Cafe 11 and more. He also runs a small record label and recording studio called Mecca Records, which focuses on promoting local artists and helping them record, document, and publish their music at an affordable rate.

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  • Recorded and Mixed by Cole Helman Performed by: Christian Powers - Vocals and Guitar Mike Monahan - Drums and Percussion Jonathan Ward - Bass Cole Helman - Lead Guitar