Daniel Bagan

Daniel Bagan is a self-taught studio portrait photographer, based in St. Augustine, Florida, with a passion for capturing organic, compelling photos of unconventional subjects. Daniel began his career with film and a deep love of black and white portraits.  As technology evolved, so did his approach to photography and he quickly realized his love for saturated colors and the pop-art style of the Digital Age. Daniel is the co-creator of We Are Straight Allies, a visual campaign designed to bring attention to lingering civil rights issues in the state of Florida.

He  created the Age of Beauty Project, showcasing natural, beautiful

portraits of women aged 50 – 100, creating portraits of women between the ages of 50-100. The project  is a social commentary on Beauty and Age and will produce a  book and exhibition. “There is no Age of Beauty.   I speak with women over fifty almost every day and many say the feel invisible, that they no long see themselves as beautiful.  Real beauty transcends Madison Avenue’s definition of thin, smooth and young.”

Daniel’s most famous work is his re-enactment of Dan Wynn’s iconic 1971 photograph published in  Esquire Magazine of Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes. The photograph is in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, the Museum of the City of New York’s exhibition Beyond Suffrage: A Century of New York Women in Politics  and the Thomas G. Carpenter Library at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Flo

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