Elizabeth Garrett

Florida Encaustic Artist

Elizabeth Garrett is a Florida based artist creating paintings inspired by the landscape and mood of the ocean and the abundant local flora.

Drawn to art her entire life, and by way of her self-directed art education, Elizabeth has honed her skills over the last 20 years via reading, research and workshops, trial and error, and experimentation and discovery. Encaustics became one of her mediums in 2014 after seeing an encaustic artist demonstration at a Scottsdale, AZ gallery walk event. Leaving the corporate world in mid-2016, Elizabeth set on an expedition to explore art full-time, as a daily practice, as the, this-is-what-I-do when she’s asked “what do you do for a living?”

Having lived at or near the water for many years, the colors, landscape and mood of the beach, ocean, inter-coastal waterways and marshes have greatly influenced her work. Additionally, Elizabeth has been a collector of flowers, leaves and seeds for many years and also incorporates these items into her encaustic and acrylic mixed media paintings to showcase their beauty and simplicity.

With the full support of her husband and chief cradled-birch-panel-maker, she works from her home studio in Palm Coast, Florida.  Her paintings can be found in private collections in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Texas and most recently, Nottingham, England.


  • A Little Pop of Pink

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