James Scott

I started my art journey in grade school with drawing and photography. I went through several different “hats” of graphic design starting with sign painting, screen printing, and graphic arts, through  computer graphics, web design, 3D modeling, computer animation, until now; I wear the filmmaker hat.

Of course, I still utilize my lifetime of skills to fortify my film making efforts.  I find it interesting to have started with photography, then 4 decades later to come back to it in the form of film.

My latest project is called “Akashic Spheres”.  Its a sci-fi adventure feature film that is being produced right here in St. Augustine.  Other than the unique story we are creating it in 10 chapters so that we can release them to the audience as soon as they are completed.   Most feature films take a year or more to produce.  We are going to do our best to release a chapter every month.
Another unique aspect about this project is that we offer those who have interest in film making the opportunity to volunteer, either in front of the camera or behind it.

Since we are a microbudget film project we are asking for indie fans to support us moving forward.

Learn more at https://akashicspheres.com


  • Fractal Artwork


  • Chapter 1 Pilot - Akashic Spheres a sci-fi adventure film project

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