Joseph Desiderio

Joe Desiderio is a photographer born and raised in Philadelphia. He has mostly lived in the Southeast in Virginia, North & South Carolina, and now St. Augustine, Florida.

The city’s abundant history, beauty, and people provide him with endless opportunities to capture moments he loves to share. Joseph says, “I’m obsessed with getting each and every shot just right. I agonize over presenting it perfectly so you can feel what I felt when that particular image was captured. This city, and the surrounding sea and landscapes, inspire me like never before.”

Joseph studied Psychology and Business at St. Joseph’s University where he added photography studies that provided the basics of photography when film was used before digital photography. He enjoyed spending many hours in the darkroom developing his film and photos manually. He uses the foundational techniques to capture the perfect cloud formation over a tranquil body of water or storm clouds over raging surf.

“Give me a sunrise or a sunset and the romantic in me surges to the surface, grabs my camera, and compels me to attempt to preserve that moment to remember forever! If I’ve done it right, then you’ll see and feel what I did at that very moment and it’s then yours forever too.”


  • Salt Flat Brilliant Sunset

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