KC Cali

KC Cali is fascinated by the visual harmonies and emotional undercurrents of life. Her current artistic interest is St. Augustine. St. Augustine’s historic streets, buildings and interesting characters provide ample subject matter for paintings and drawings.

KC grew up in Vermont and spent most of her time as a kid running wild with siblings in the extensive woods and fields that surrounded her family home.  The independence and freedom afforded by this life fueled her vivid imagination and she decided early on to be an artist, despite brief flirtations with the idea of being a jockey and/or a ballerina.

KC earned a BFA in Illustration from Massachusetts College of Art & Design. Upon graduation, she went to work as a graphic designer and built an award-winning career as a designer and art director. Three years ago, KC made the decision to stop designing as a full time job and concentrate her creative energy on her painting and drawing while still maintaining a full time job.

KC’s work is displayed at the Aviles Street Gallery, a juried cooperative gallery at 11C Aviles Street in St. Augustine. Her work can be seen at www.kccaliartist.com


  • Red Roof, Red Flowers (31 Aviles Street)

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