Lonesome Bert

 Since their St. Augustine debut in 2005, Lonesome Bert & the Skinny Lizards has become an Old City staple. Taking a queue from rebel folk legends such as Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan. The paralysis of history may be found in old book bin text but Lonesome Bert Hodge’s lyrics takes on old matter and converts it to be the impetus that sparks your mind a new. Each song line is a pathway you take and there are many options to choose from as you bumpity, clankity down the path with Hodge’s acoustic fingerpick style and his band of Skinny Lizards: Chris Clark-upright Bass, Steve “Mr. Stiv” Mitherz-Pandario/Cahon and “Captain” Mark Saunders-Fiddle. The meter is pretty fast for this folk music. So, hold on tight and listen up!! Subject matter is everything and details can be easy to miss in the world of the Lonesome Lizards. Songs of the Devil lamenting his lack of evil skill in comparison to modern man. Or aliens crashed, marooned on the Roswell dessert and can’t get off this rock soon enough. The alarming population decline of the “Hippy”(Chris Clark writes a few tunes as well). Songs about underrated greats like Stetson Kennedy. The journey runs wild and irony goes deep with LBSL.

With four full length EP’s and one full length live concert album strapped to their hip sack the boys are currently promoting their biggest, boldest album release, yet! December 2015 they dropped an album titled “Giving Up War”!! No surprise, the new album is chalked full of unique protest s

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