MG Ferguson

My artwork is influenced by my surroundings. I seek to capture the moment, creating a feeling or rekindle a special memory. I am drawn to the subject of light, whether it be a light post or the sun rising over the Matanzas River. I have been fortunate to live in the charming towns of Ocean Grove, NJ and now St Augustine, FL where I find plenty of inspiration offering me ongoing subject matter.

During my college years I was greatly influenced by Emmit Fritz, a local artist with whom I often encounterd painting the scence of St Augustine. It was in those days I fell in love with painting.

My favorite time to paint is early in the morning when the streets are empty and the sun rises. It’s very spiritual. “The Mantanzas” series was created in the fall after walking around town at the break of dawn. If you know St Augustine, you know it can be very haunting yet the beauty of the town is so serene.

I paint in both watercolor and oil. With watercolor, I use a wet on wet technique on 300 lb paper or for a more delicate look, hand made paper. Watercolor is challenging but I love the spontaneity and the freshness of the look. My recent works are done in oil and on location (en plein air). My goal is to do faster quicker studies,eventually translating them to bigger studio pieces. Most my oils are painted on linen and occasionally artists boards.

Painting is a journey that provides me with a determination to learn, create and master my technique. I am very proud to call my style my

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