Patricia Bean

Involved in photographic fine arts and working as a professional photographer for the past 40 years gives Patricia a rich background as a master photographer and as an accomplished artist. She was exposed to photography at an early age through her Dad’s interest in black and white darkroom photography but didn’t have a personal interest until her college studies in photographic art gave her a glimpse of the creativity within.

Finding her passion, Patricia never stopped learning, experimenting, and producing first Black and White photographs then embraced the transition into Digital Art. Patricia’s photoshop skills produced the dreamscapes she envisioned but could not produce in the darkroom. Most recently, her Photo Montage images incorporate multiple image overlays, blending, and texture. Some images have as many as 16 layers and may take hours or days to complete.

Patricia also enjoys thrifting, junk hunting, abandoned places, and has a knack for staging still life photography from her found objects. Alternative processing methods include the lost art of polaroid film transfers, watercolor pens, and photographic oils. Her pieces carry a sense of timelessness and provide endless possibilities for the viewer’s interpretation. 

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