Roger Bansemer

Full time painter, oils and acrylic, and along with my wife Sarah, we produce a PBS television series titled Painting and Travel with Roger and Sarah Bansemer seen on over 300 stations nationwide. We are in our 10th season of shows.
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Painting and Travel with Roger and Sarah Bansemer

“Painting and Travel” takes you places you want to see and puts them on canvas. Viewers are taken out of the art studio and into the natural surroundings with Sarah and Roger Bansemer, an accomplished painter, videographer and instructor who shares his creative  process while teaching the basics and subtleties of putting brush to canvas using oils or acrylics.    At present there are 10 seasons consisting of 130 episodes that air nationwide on Public television. Check local listings for scheduling.

Our  filming has brought us all over the United States including Alaska as well as the Caribbean and Mexico. Painting and Travel  has  been aired on more than 300 stations nationwide. Over the past year the series has aired an incredible 12,242 times  with a coverage of 86% of the country.

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