Sheryl Sherwood

Since childhood Sheryl Sherwood has worked in a variety of mediums, all the while searching for one to call her “passion.” While taking a class from a local potter, Sheryl fell in love with clay and all its possibilities.

Retired from two careers, her work experiences are deeply embedded in each organic clay piece. The first, an environmental agency, raised Sheryl’s awareness and appreciation for the world that has been put in our care. The second was as an elementary teacher of blind and visually impaired students at the Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind in St. Augustine, Florida. In this career, Sheryl taught students to use tactile forms to enhance their day-to-day learning and encouraged their own creativity in class and in the art club she co-sponsored.

Each uniquely designed piece is hand-coiled. Because of her experience with blind and visually impaired children and adults, Sheryl uses a variety of materials to make textures and carvings that allow them to “see” the art for themselves. After building each piece it is pit, saggar, or raku fired to achieve smoky rings on and around its body. Sheryl’s goal is that every pot keeps its most organic form while including movement, texture, and carvings for visual and tactile appeal.

Sheryl is a member of the St. Augustine Art Association where she has participated in a number of shows, including the Annual Tactile Art Show. Sheryl’s work can also be seen at the PAStA Fine Arts Gallery.


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