Susan Thomas Novy

Susan Thomas Novy – Nature & Wildlife Photographer

Since childhood I have been passionate about nature and wildlife.  The momentary glances of a dragonfly, the hunting techniques of a sea bird or the seriously inquisitive look of an owl always leaves me feeling that they are more human-like than we know. When I step into the forest or walk along a river’s edge I say a little prayer. “Please know I come in peace, only to share your beauty with the world.” It always astonishes me how this small intention opens the most beautiful communication between my lens and the subject. Even dragonflies smile. My lens also captures flora and fauna, the intricate design of spider webs, the bluish orange hue of sunrise, the cool pink glow of the setting sun, and the reflection of light on water.  I am a Virginia native and currently live in Saint Augustine, Florida. When not taking photos I’m teaching yoga, writing poetry, collecting crystals – earth’s original art — and learning how to walk the earth with a light footprint.  ❤


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