Susanne Schuenke

American artist, born in Germany
University of Cologne , and Westfield and University College, London
1983 M.A. and 1986 Ph.D. history of art, (Cologne)
Since 1987 professional fine art painter in the media oil and watercolor with exhibitions in Europe, Asia and USA,
Artwork in private, corporate and public collections in Germany, Great Britain, USA, France, Singapore, Japan, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Lebanon and South Africa.
Teacher in the arts, author/illustrator of a variety of topics in books
Artwork published in : Women in Art, Vol.I, Vienna, 2013
Art&Healing at Mayo Clinic, 2014
Art in public collection:
Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville, FL
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville, FL (main entrance lobby)
National Cathedral, Washington D.C.
Historical Collection USAir Force , Colorado Springs, CO
Embassy of the USA, Berlin, Germany
Chancellery of Governing Mayor of Berlin, Germany
Thomas Carpenter Library University of Florida (main entrance lobby)

Exhibitions in Germany, United Kingdom, Lebanon, France, USA

Characterization of my Art
Susanne Schuenke
It is my aim to connect the observer with the intrinsic beauty of my art work. While dwelling in colors and forms, I present simultaneously a rich offering to an intellectual inquiry.
The art critic, Ann Leighton, coined this in one sentence:
“Susanne Schuenke tells stories with the brush” in reference to the richly formulated and detailed content of my paintings. After the first impressions, the topics unfold in a wide

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