Teri Tompkins

Teri Tompkins followed her love of art around the world. She has lived in Rome and, most recently, California. Now, she has returned home to St. Augustine.

As a teenager, Teri Tompkins traded her St. Augustine upbringing for the artistic richness of Rome.
“I was working as an au pair, which afforded me the ability to study from the wealth of masterworks on every street. I spent hours at the Vatican each weekend, studied Caravaggio in churches, and gawked over centuries of paintings.”

Tompkins studied illustration, painting, and art history in California and has returned to St. Augustine.
Her paintings — a collection of positive and hopeful works — are shown at Neff Jewelers. She also runs a Monday night figure session at the St. Augustine Art Association.

The Compass caught up with the multifaceted artist to chat about returning to her roots, painting Northeast Florida, and portrait work.

Compass: Why did you move back to St. Augustine in 2005 after living in California for almost 25 years?

Teri Tompkins: I have always loved my hometown, and I’ve always appreciated how special it is — even when my hunger for learning and adventure took me to other places. The water and coastline on the West Coast is quite interesting to paint, but here, it is far more fun to be in the water. I also love that I can ride my bike just about anywhere.

Compass: What are some of your favorite places to paint in Northeast Florida?

T.T.: First of all, my very favorite places to paint are

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  • Darnishia Study
    18 x 24

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