Yvette Monell

“I never want to be tied down to one particular idea or concept. It takes strategy to reach a particular audience. It’s a God-given talent. You have got to captivate onlookers—give clients the tools to get the audience they want.” -Yvette Monell

Yvette Monell is a photographer, graphic designer, and magazine publisher. Her work, of commercial and individual subjects, can be seen locally and nationally. The titles she’s founded and published include St Augustine Magazine, Old City Life, Gallop, and Pittsburgh Style. St Augustine Magazine (SAM) will reemerge digitally Summer 2018 along with her weekly email blast of events and social scene coverage. Other than that; she loves Saint Augustine and its people, has a cat named Bikini Kitty, is an advocate for suffers of Vitiligo, eating and cooking, training horses, she’s pasture-raised, no MSG and gluten-free.

Age 19 was when Yvette seriously took on her love of fashion. Working retail sales was not enough to satisfy her passion. About the time she landed the contract to coordinate the Mall Fashion Shows she began working as a fashion-stylist for catalog photographers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Here she developed a keen eye for the intricate detail, and a clear focus of how film gets developed, what it takes to make a really quality photograph. These were the days of medium format cameras and darkrooms, when it took discipline to get the shot in 12 to 36 frames per roll.

Inspired by the most successful fashion photog

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