Dan Askew

Dan Askew


Website: https://danaskew.net

   131 Browning Lane, FL

With a love for pure function and the patina that comes from prolonged use, Dan's works hint at vague mythologies surrounding the vast plethora of apocalyptic scenarios, both imagined and “legitimately” prophesied. Black humor, along with a chaotic mash-up of media process becomes the lens through which to view a confused reality. The range of influences is evidence of a pre-adolescent skeptic with more questions than answers. Insect morphology, ancient and tribal art, hydrodynamic and aerodynamic forms, mechanical engineering, the history of space exploration, fractal geometry, robotics, SETI, comic books, popular science fiction, and toys, create a catalog of images to anxiously explore a potential future past.

Dan Askew has a BFA from the University of Southern Mississippi, and an MFA from the University of North Texas. Since 2011, he has been a professor of studio art at the Florida School of the Arts in Palatka.