Oct 27 2019
Nov 02 2019
Way of Bee-ing & Bees Beyond Borders

Way of Bee-ing & Bees Beyond Borders

Presented by WB Tatter Studio Gallery at Unknown

The majority of the pieces for this show are from the series called Way of Bee-ing that were shown at my 2-person exhibition \"Birds and Bees\" with Don Martin at the Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida in Spring of 2016. I was inspired to pursue this medium in 2010 for two reasons. One, I have an interest in ancient art. Encaustics is the ancient art of painting with beeswax, resin and pigments. The earliest evidence of this medium, the Roman Fayum Portraits, that are exquisitely executed, used to adorn and thus identify the mummies of the Ancient Roman deceased in 200AD. The second reason was because I was inspired by the volunteer work of my husband Bo Sterk, artist/beekeeper, who had been volunteering throughout Caribbean for about 15 years at this time, teaching and training the islanders in best beekeeping practices for sustainable development. Since I am allergic to the bees, I decided I would paint with the wax instead. Working with the beeswax reminds me of hours spent as a young child under the hot summer sun melting Crayola crayons with a small magnifying glass on the sidewalk. Yet now the process involves the adult artist at play. Today, as one of my mediums, I continue to BEE in the flow with art of encaustic painting.

Bees Beyond Borders is a 501 3C non-profit (beesbeyondborders.org) founded by Bo Sterk, President, Florida Master Craftsman Beekeeper and President of St. Johns County Beekeepers. Mission is to provide bee biology and bee education and training in best practices of apiary management for sustainable development. With over 20 years of experience, Bo decided to start BBB in early 2019 due to major budgets cuts in governmental spending so he could continue his work with beekeepers throughout the Caribbean, especially in Haiti. Besides the raising funds for further mission work throughout the Caribbean, BBB is presently committed to raise monies to assist the affected beekeepers of the Bahamas for Bahamas Beekeepers Hurricane Relief Fund through CrowdRise or direct donations to Bees Beyond Borders 501 3C.

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Email: wbtatter@gmail.com

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2019/10/27 - 2019/11/02

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