Georgia Nick Gallery

Georgia Nick Gallery




 11 A Aviles Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Every wall, nook and cranny in the Georgia Nick Gallery inspires visitors to look a little closer and explore further. We feature traditional acrylic, pastel, watercolor, and oil paintings by some of the First Coast and Mexico City’s finest artists. There are even paintings on stone, Travertine Tile, slate and marble. We also have wonderful mosaics, wood turning, wood sculptures. cherry tables, silver jewelry, woven gold jewelry and leather scandals, purses, belts and wallets by Dan Holiday.. Our windows and light box illuminate wondrous works of stained, and painted glass. And… we also have books by local authors and illustrators. Be sure and stop by “Swamp Hattie’s Lair” when you visit.

Our incredibly talented and dedicated artists include: Joe W. Taylor – Grande and Petite Oils, Roger Bansemer – Acrylics, Adriana Cabezas – Acrylic, Oil and Watercolor, Claudio Ranouva – Watercolor, Rick Petersen – Pastels, Martha Ferguson – Oils and Watercolors, Sister Diane Couture SSJ – Painted and Stained Glass, Rick McAllister – Photography, Bob Stoker – Wood Turning, Casey Chapman – Wood Sculpture, Tom Skarda – Cherry Tables, Charlie Carubai – Silversmith, Tim Kings – Hanaging Whale Sculpture, Chris Cosby – Woven Gold, Dan Holiday – Leather, Christie Chancey Moore – Mosaics, Linda M. Brandt – Oils and Acrylics, Laura Darnell – Oils, Georgia Nick – Photography and Digital Art.

Looking for books by local writers? Our regional authors include Dan Holiday, Linda M. Brandt and Dr. Dennis M. Smith.