Constitution Obelisk

The Constitution Obelisk is located in the Plaza de la Constitucion in downtown St. Augustine, St. Johns County, Florida. Constructed in 1813, the twenty-five-foot obelisk was built from local coquina recycled from other building projects and surfaced with lime mortar for weatherproofing. Classical details include a molded cornice and aperilla, a pear-shaped ornament at the top of the obelisk. Its tapered features and proportions were the work of a skilled designer and builder familiar with classical architecture.

The original tablet announcing the Constitution was removed in 1815 by order of the restored Spanish King Ferdinand VI, but it was replaced in 1820 when the king swore allegiance to the 1812 Constitution. The Plaza is considered the oldest public park in the US and bears its name from this monument.

Medium type: Coquina

Date created: February 1813

Dimensions: 25'


  • Tablets attached to the obelisk commemorating the adoption of the Spanish Constitution in 1813.

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