"Heavenly Bodies" by Enzo Torcoletti

Heavenly Bodies

Enzo Torcoletti’s sculpture, “Heavenly Bodies,” is a contemporary landmark at the corner of historic Marine and Cadiz Streets. The stone and steel abstract is placed on a pedestal above a sunken garden in front of the St. Augustine Art Association. The sculpture consists of a granite base supporting two vertical white marble slabs, shaped like opposite halves of a female torso. The surface is rough on the sides where the marble appears to have been torn apart. In the space between the marble slabs, there is a small reflective steel sphere. Viewed as a unit, the elements resemble a woman. According to the artist, the sphere may be interpreted as a heart, seed, or the birth of an idea. The work may also be understood as a collision of forces and the formation of a new beginning.


In the modern age, our planet is reeling with information, inventions, and change. Like our forebears, we also yearn for discovery. Torcoletti’s “Heavenly Bodies” is a sculptural metaphor for artistic exploration that was installed in 2015 to commemorate the founding of St. Augustine. This ancient bedrock carving is quite literally an embodiment of Mother Earth reflecting back to us the elegant balance of nature and human existence.

Tens of millions of years ago, Earth’s geological crust cracked. The continents of North and South America drifted away from Europe and Africa, creating what is known as the Old and New Worlds. This separation of land masses lasted so long it had distinct evolution

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Collection: Touch STA

Medium type: Granite; Marble; Steel

Date created: 2015

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