"Love is the Answer" by Christie Chandler

In 2016, local artist Christie Chandler painted her 16×30-foot mural titled “Love is the Answer” on the side of Rochelle’s Boutique.

Inspired by murals and graffiti abundant in art districts of larger Florida metro areas such as St. Pete and Miami, Rochelle’s owners Tom and Karen Rochelle wanted to create a work to share with their customers and the St. Augustine community.

“Tom and I had always been interested in the idea of a mural on the building, but had not actively pursued it,” said Karen. “Christie has been a customer of Rochelle’s for many years. One morning in September she walked in not as a customer but offering her services as a muralist. She was excited, talented, and looking to develop her business, Arts-Evolution . We asked, ‘When can we start?’”

For Christie, working with art lovers Karen and Tom Rochelle was an easy fit. “Being in the fashion business, they already had an innate understanding of aesthetics and are all for positive messaging in the community, which is one of my primary concerns as well,” she said.

They took inspiration from some of their favorite murals, keeping color, design, message, and impression in mind while Christie shared her work. Together, they arrived at a shared vision that became the Love Mural.

Christie completed the work in 12 days, putting in 70 hours to bring the vision to life. They chose bold, vibrant jewel-tone colors for an eye-catching and long-lasting mural.

“A surprise splash of color or an unusual

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Medium type: Paint

Date created: 2016

Dimensions: 16' x 30'


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