"Point of View" by Dustin Harewood | Obelisk 450

Harewood’s art practice over the last decade has explored themes of multiculturalism and the consequences of colonialism and industrialization. Harewood draws inspiration from his familial lineage and the 21st-century world of desire for immediacy in all aspects of life and seeks to find nuance within vanishing moments in order to capture a narrative between histories.

While beautifully fascinating and simultaneously destructive, our contemporary culture is one that is wasteful yet transformative. A throw-away culture that takes garbage and up-cycles it into valuable objects which transcend time, religion, fine art, and commerce. Harewood’s material explorations do just that, often using discarded packages, mass-produced manufactured single-use plastics, and recycled fibers. Harewood embellishes, collages, adorns, and recontextualizes these objects into substantive works of art. Works that consider what makes beauty and how to transform the past, present, and future through complicated associations in history and narrative.



The narrative I chose to explore was that of “point of view.” On the four sides of my structure, I illustrated four people/groups of people who would have had very different perspectives on the colonization of Florida.

The Obelisk started for me with a traditional portrait of King Philip II. During his reign, Spain reached the height of its influence and power. The voyages to Florida reflect his ambition. It

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Collection: Obelisk 450
Location: Lincolnville

Medium type: Paint

Date created: September 4, 2015

Dimensions: 8' 6" tall

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