St. Augustine Foot Soldiers Monument

Located near the southeast corner of the plaza is the St. Augustine Foot Soldiers Monument that honors the men and women who engaged in various forms of peaceful protest to advance civil rights contributing to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The monument, commissioned by the St. Augustine Foot Soldiers Remembrance Project, Inc. (the “Project”), was installed and unveiled in May 2011.

The 675 lb bronze monument – designed by sculptor Brian R. Owens of Deltona, Florida – features four life-size portraits of anonymous foot soldiers placed shoulder to shoulder, in front of a relief illustrating a protest in the same Plaza where the monument is now installed. The portraits represent an approximate demographic profile of the foot soldiers: A Caucasian college student, and three African Americans: A male in his thirties, a female in her sixties, and a 16-year-old female. The 7500 lb tapered cast-stone base – designed by Enzo Torcoletti of St. Augustine – includes Coquina, a naturally occurring material used in the construction of many historic structures in St. Augustine.

A historic plaque is displayed on the front of the base and a donor-recognition plaque is on the back.

Collection: Touch STA

Medium type: Cast Bronze; Coquina

Date created: unveiled May 14, 2011

Dimensions: 4' 8" wide, 6' 4" tall, 675 lbs


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