Mayday Ice Cream - Midtown

Mayday Ice Cream - Midtown

MAYDAY is named in honor of some innovative Americans who served the US in World War II. Flying in Europe during the darkest hours the continent had ever seen, some pilots made the best of a very difficult situation. Flying in the “Flying Fortress” they realized that the freezing temperature at altitude was perfect for making a precious treat so many longed for: ice cream.

Though the soldiers were issued coffee and cigarettes in their rations, delicacies like ice cream were very difficult to bring to the front lines. Our boys strapped buckets full of cream and sugar into the gunner pod above the loading bays, and upon landing would have a bucket full of ice cream.

Mayday celebrates their courage and optimism by creating ice cream that’s both authentic and innovative- churning together the best ingredients in fun new ways and serving them up with some good old-world hospitality. So whether the skies are sunny or stormy, just scream MAYDAY!

This is real homemade ice cream- made right here in Florida. Even the sprinkles, waffle cones, and galettes are made in-house! Each of their flavors has been carefully crafted with the highest quality ingredients and lots of love!

Mayday has nine locations across Florida in St. Augustine, Jacksonville, Lakeland, and Tampa.

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