"Father Pedro Camps and the Minorcans of St. Augustine" by Josef Viladomat

The statue of Father Pedro Camps and his Minorcan followers is the centerpiece of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Augustine’s west courtyard. The three-quarter-life size bronze sits on a four-foot coquina base. The realistic figures gather around a large cross. In the center, Father Pedro Camps raises his hand, blessing the group. At his feet, a mother cradles a baby. An old man looks over the mother’s shoulder. He is kneeling and extends his right hand as if asking for alms. You can almost touch it.

The man, woman, and child evoke images of the holy family. Above them, two figures stand on each side of the priest–a young boy and a girl, who rests her head on the cross. Wearing simple garments that form elaborate drapery folds, the weary people find comfort in their faith. Dedicated in 1975, the statue was created by sculptor Josef Viladomat of Barcelona, Spain.

Front plaque reads:

“In memory of Father Pedro Camps, the spiritual leader of the Minorcan Colony.
This statue presented to Most Reverend Paul F Tanner, Bishop of St. Augustine by Fernando A. Rubio of Minorca and Xavier L. Pellicer of St. Augustine
April 24, 1975
In commemoration of the Two hundredth Anniversary of the arrival of the Minorcan Colonists in St. Augustine.”

Side plaque reads:

“Erected on this site by the descendants of the Minorcan Colonists in recognition of the Bicentennial Celebration of the birth of the United States on July 4, 1776.

Sculptor: Josef Viladomat, Barcelona, Spain.”

The back plaque conta

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Medium type: Cast Bronze; Coquina

Date created: April 24, 1975

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