St. Augustine Beach Sculpture Garden

For fourteen years, St. Augustine artist and musician Thomas Glover White worked toward his vision of a building community Sculpture Garden. In 2009, the St. Augustine Beach City Commission set aside land for the permanent installation of the St. Augustine Sculpture Garden and committed to the lighting and long-term maintenance of the monuments and grounds. Installation began in 2010, and the Sculpture Garden celebrated its grand unveiling in June 2011. It was a remarkable gift to the community, an artistic treasure to be enjoyed by generations to come, and an amazing legacy to the life and work of Thomas Glover White.

The St. Augustine Sculpture Garden is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the cultural values of the Community of St. Augustine Beach and its surroundings.  Come join us to enjoy and share the St. Augustine Sculpture Garden at Lakeside Park, adjacent to the St. Augustine Beach Police Department and City Hall Building, on A1A S. The Sculpture Garden is a valuable gift to the Community and the sculptures have been appraised over three-quarters of a million dollars. The Park is a  cultural landmark for this historic area, and it is free to the public to visit and admire.


Date created: 2009

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