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St. Augustine Archaeological Assoc Meeting

Presented by St. Augustine Archaeological Association at Unknown

Oct 02 2018
St. Augustine Archaeological Assoc Meeting

A talk, titled Rising waters and shifting sands: How terminal Pleistocene sea level rise has impacted what we know about the earliest Floridians,   will be given by Jessi Halligan, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Department of Anthropology, Florida Stat

We know that the first people had settled in what we now call Florida by 14,500 years ago because of recent finds at the Page-Ladson site in the Aucilla River. By 11,000 years ago, people were widespread and well-adapted to life on the Florida peninsula. Much of what we know about these first people, known as Paleoindians, has been discovered in sites that were drowned in freshwater environments, where fragile materials were perfectly preserved. Terrestrial sites, however, suffer from numerous problems that hamper our understanding of

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