Flagler College Lifelong Learning Institute

Flagler College Lifelong Learning Institute

The Lifelong Learning Institute offers courses, seminars, travel experiences, and workshops that are designed to be interesting, and stimulating to foster knowledge-sharing and relationship-building in the community through various topics, including language arts, science, health, history, politics, technology, and more.

Lifelong Learning courses, seminars, and workshops are inexpensive and non-degree seeking, and they are led or taught by community members. As part of Flagler College, the Lifelong Learning Institute also works in collaboration with the faculty of Flagler College, who lend their expertise through seminars, courses, travel experiences, and special events.

For more information, please email: lifelonglearning@flagler.edu

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Featured Organizations

EMMA Concert Association

Presenting beautiful music in beautiful St. Augustine at the Lewis Auditorium at Flagler College! EMMA’s mission is to offer quality music and dance performances by national and international artists. They also aim to encourage interest in classical music and to provide opportunities for the youth of St. Johns County. EMMA accomplishes this by offering school concerts in local schools and funding requests from music teachers for instruments and equipment.

Historic Florida Militia

historic-militiaThe Historic Florida Militia (HFM) is a non-profit umbrella organization supporting re-created historic interpretive units and representing a number of cultures and time periods. "We are not street performers, we are educators. We are not parades, we are historic programs. This is not an exercise in free speech, this is an opportunity to educate. We are not promoting a political agenda, we are promoting the city's history through a practical and factual teaching method".

Crisp-Ellert Art Museum at Flagler College

crisp-ellertBuilt in honor of Dr. JoAnn Crisp-Ellert and her husband, Dr. Robert Ellert, the Crisp-Ellert Art Museum offers Flagler College students and the Northeast Florida community a venue for fostering knowledge and a deep appreciation of contemporary art. As an educational resource for the College, the Museum exhibits regional, national and international artists, and provides opportunities for critical engagement and exposure to a variety of exhibitions and personal interactions with visiting artists. The Museum challenges students, the Flagler community and the public to cultivate individual creativity, critical reflection, historical consciousness and respect for the free exchange of ideas. In this spirit, the Museum also hosts public programs, including artist talks, readings, panel discussions and film series that provide a platform for vital interdisciplinary dialogue.