Basil Yothers

My “Way” of painting derives from years of study, teacher feedback and practicing.

As I mature, both  calmness and contentment have developed–essential factors–for success.
Thus: aware of both heart and mind, I start painting by just ” letting-myself-go”; a spontaneous outpouring of movement–similar to a dance of brush on paper surface. Colors chosen, brush rhythms, areas of washing or detail rendered–it all comes together somehow.
As I begin,… a vague idea may be lingering, or a special feeling will be noticed.
But no certain purpose, no ‘fixed’ destination, form or object will be decided upon…
I  trust in my feelings. A confidence in myself helps.
Contemplating the vagueness  in layered washes–suggestions and guidance occurs; I trust in whatever images, ideas and forms,  call to me,  or become attractive.
Because ‘ All of Creation’, on the largest of scale, moves me most deeply:  Seas, Skies with Cloud– Mountains and Valleys, oftentimes are conjured up. Maybe,… showing energies of the universe
The spirit within,  finds  forms  (or pictures), and perspectives that “fit me” best.
That  which you truly love the best–seem to best make paintings live.
Oftentimes,  the brush’s path, or strength,  reveals  a moment-to moment excitement of discovery–to additionally inspire the viewer, as it did the painter!
I never attempt to mirror outside reality or use photographs, but rely on subjective imagination, fantasy and unconscious, hidden memories, (which may pr

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