Laura O'Neal

I am a visual artist working with mixed media, mostly acrylic.  I create and tell stories on canvas and panels; I also paint murals and attempt to write poetry and prose.  My word swirl serves as my inspiration and buries itself in the layers of my art.

Born and raised near Akron, Ohio, I moved to St. Augustine in 1987.  What a wonderful road down memory lane it has been to watch this town grow and mature as I have.  I am most grateful to have raised my children here.  This town feels magical to me.

I spent many years as a visual display artist and interior space planner for specialty & department stores.  I hold a BFA in Art and Design; currently the Curator and Artistic Director for ArtBox 137.  Our gallery had a rocky start, opening in November 2019 and Covid-19 shutting us down three months later.  We have held strong to our vision of ArtBox being an inclusive gallery that supports ALL art forms and offers our venue as an expression of that. My mission at ArtBox has been to seek out emerging artists and to lift them up so they have confidence in their Art as I once needed.  I am constantly seeking local opportunities for our members to go “outside the box.”

When not in the studio or at ArtBox, I am a teacher of Yoga and Pilates.  Four humans call me “Mom” and I am often surrounded by myriad young adults and rescue dogs.





  • Local film maker, James Scott, entered a short film contest and asked me to be the subject. It was an eye-opening experience to appreciate all the effort that goes into another artist\'s art form! Cheers to...always learning, always eye-opening and ever grateful. James is the organizer of LightBox Indie Film Night at Art Box...every second Thursdays at 7 pm. Free of charge! SUPPORT LOCAL!

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