Michèle Renaud

Canadian by birth, Michèle Renaud considers herself lucky to have lived in a number of countries along the way. Her work and life are about memories and feelings of these places and times. The best way to understand her work is to understand what it represents… nature, colour, and a sense of place.

Renaud’s painting style is abstract, abstract impressionism, and abstract expressionism. She likes to work in collections and find it keeps her work better organized. Abstract painting gives her a sense of freedom to move around the canvas at will. Colour is an important element in Renaud’s work, using acrylic paint, oil paint, pencils, crayons, pastels, and an assortment of mediums.

There are no preconceived ideas. The final work reveals itself as it develops with many revisions. Michèle begins by scribbling the whole substrate with water-soluble coloured pencils and crayons, followed by a good spraying of water and then the first coat of paint. As the layers build up, an abstract composition is formed and begins to give the painting a life of its own. Michèle says, “The work is finished only when it feels right. It is an emotional, rather than intellectual process that determines whether the painting is successful.”

Abstraction helps Michèle to express what is inside her in a visual way. The creative process opens her imagination, memories, and intuition in an attempt to navigate through everyday chaos towards calm and to communicate feelings through art, inspiring emotions i

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