Betty Carvajal

Betty Carvajal is a master in connecting people with their hearts and each other. Having expertise in art and psychology, she believes that art is healing for both the artist and the observer. Her works reflect influences as diverse as Van Gogh, Banksy, and Frankenthaler. Carvajal has been creating art since she was eight years old. Although it was not part of her family heritage, she felt she had been creating art for many lifetimes. “I realize you don’t choose art; art chooses you.”

What started as a degree in architecture transitioning to a doctoral degree in psychology has come full circle, creating art that embodies her abstract style with a unique but traditional structure.

Through extensive world travels, including living in Madrid during her childhood, New York, the Caribbean, Miami, and her current residence in St. Augustine, Florida, are all global experiences reflected in her work. Carvajal’s art is exhibited in several art galleries across the nation and internationally (Madrid February 2022).
Constructed and discovered meanings, ultimately strengthening, empowering people, and leaving the viewer with joy and hope. In the presence of her work, seemingly momentary forms become clarified through studious practice or simply being present; the intent is for the observer to be left with a deep connection.)
Carvajal’s art reflects the duality between innocence, reality, and ultimately optimism and hope.  Preparation for the medium of choice includes written,

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  • Ole' 36 in x 24 in Mixed Media on canvas

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